The initial audition for Chamber Choir will be based on your ability to blend with returning members and to be independent on your part while singing with others. Auditions will take place the week of February 9. Specific times will be announced in classes.

If you are chosen to be in Chamber Choir based on your initial audition, you may sign up for the class during registration, however your acceptance is not fully complete until you demonstrate a good knowledge of major and harmonic minor scales, melodic and rhythmic sight reading, and basic music reading skills (identifying pitch and registration, interpreting rhythms and also key signatures). These skills will be reinforced throughout the semester and you will be assessed on them in May.

Here is the song you are required to know for the initial audition. Please sing using solfege syllables. Sopranos start on SOL, Altos start on MI, Tenors start on DO, and Basses start on DO.